High Yielding Investments With Extremely High Returns a No No

Avoid high yielding investments which guarantee crazy returns such as 10% profit per hour, or 1000% profit per week. These types of hyip's are total scams and do not pay any investor even a single cent.
However, it does not mean you should invest in too low a growth HYIPs. Go for HYIPs in which you can recover your seed money in 3 to 6 weeks’ time.

HYIPs with daily or weekly pay-outs are preferable. Avoid HYIPs in which you are required to wait for weeks or months before receiving payment.

Invest a small amount across a number HYIPs rather than investing one big amount of money in a single HYIP.

Recover your seed money as soon as possible, do not let greed and desperation control you.

Refer -http://kipicommunity.org/how-to-invest-in-hyips/