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What is the prospect of rare earth metals application? Someone may be wary of the fact that the market of rare earth metals is one of the youngest. But any doubts about it are simply caused by a shortage of information. Please rest assured that this segment of the market is really growing at a pace that is surprising to world-famous economics experts, and in any case this is a true. Since 1968, the world volume of extract and also use of rare-earth metals increased by 25 times, having shown unprecedented breakthrough. Moreover, forecasts show even brighter perspective. In the next 1-2 years, global demand for rare-earth metals will add another 150%, breaking through the mark of 200,000 tons per year. The total content of rare earth elements is more than 100 g/t. More than 250 minerals containing rare earth elements are known up to date. Which markets are more promising? The key countries, where there will be an increase in demand for rare earth elements, will be the following: China, South Korea and Japan. Demand will increase also in Germany, France, and in the United States of America. STILL HAVE QUESTIONS?
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